Our Company

Vendmark Technology is a distributor of quality products used in the maintenance and repair of electronics, office equipment and the environment in which these sensitive equipment are manufactured, tested, operated and stored. We offer the most effective products available from manufacturers such  as; ACL Staticide , MG Chemicals and others. We have also partnered with other chemical manufacturers to formulate our own private label equipment cleaner and a specialty roller cleaner. Our customers consist of varied markets including electronics, graphic art, imaging,  industrial, IT, office equipment, medical, manufacturing, military & defense and telecommunication. When you need quality lint free wipes, you can depend on us for a proven and effective product made by FG Clean Wipes.

Why use off the shelf type products found in your hardware and drug store when you can buy products which are formulated specifically for electronics and the environment they are manufactured or used in.

Better yet; our products are ESD safe and RoHS Compliant.

Our Featured Products