ESD and Static Control Solutions

Topical Anti-Static solutions are easy-to-use products that reduce static electricity. Staticide zero charge topical anti-static coatings decay static to a zero charge fast and effectively during handling, manufacturing, packaging, print, production and maintenance.Can be applied easily by spray, roller or wiping with a lint free wipe or an industrial cleanroom wipe.. Staticide Antistatic coatings create a dissipative surface for long-term effects and are primarily used on films, floors, plastic, storage totes, equipment and manufactured products .

Need a Staticide ESD floor finish solution

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Electronic Equipment Specialty Cleaners & Tools

You maintain, repair and service electronics or office equipment.

Looking for the right electronics cleaner? We have cleaners such as air dusters, contact cleaners, 3M 497AJM electronics service vacuum, Atrix Omega Service Vacuum, isopropyl alcohol and roller cleaner rejuvenator. Our most frequently purchased CleanAll office equipment cleaner degreaser is safe for the user and the environment. This cleaner is compatible with plastic, rubber and stainless steel materials found in various electronic equipment. Need a cleaner for digital and paper scanners? Visit our scanner cleaning supplies page to see the specialty cleaners for Kodak scanners, Fijitsu scanners and other brands. For those who prefer a presaturated wipe, we have small packs, tub, and bulk individual lint free presaturated alcohol wipes.

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